the issues

Over 18 million children live on the streets of India and every five minutes, another child is added to this astounding number. Some have lost their fathers and are now the sole providers for their family, while others grew up with no family at all.

These children - some of them only five years old - work in fields or roadside restaurants for 12-15 hours a day to survive. Even worse, many are kidnapped and abused then thrown back onto the streets to become beggars. Young girls are also abducted and forced into prostitution. All of these children are made to do hard labors for the profit of their captors.

Too young and fearful to fight back, they become trapped in this hopeless cycle of violence until they are old and strong enough to escape. Some of them stuck in such situation until they die.

When confronted with numbers and stories like these, it can be overwhelming. Questions like: “how can we make an impact on such an astounding number of people suffering?” and: “is it even worth it to try?” arise and dissuade us from taking action. However, while we cannot stop the vices of poverty and the cultural devaluation of girls, we can and are making a positive impact on the lives of these individuals.